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Why Serial Killers Go Undetected

The public remains deeply fascinated by serial killers, which accounts for the success of the Dexter TV series and such movies as Psycho and Silence of the Lambs. But surprisingly, most police know very little about serial killers.

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How Evidence Was Destroyed

Amazingly, evidence that was seized from Larry Hall's vans was returned to his family by the FBI after his conviction. It included articles of women's clothing that could identify victims with today's DNA technology, but most of it was destroyed by Hall's father.

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From In With the Devil by James Keene with Hillel Levin (St. Martin's Press, September 2010)

Jimmy Keene: "In life, people can take a few wrong turns that destroy them. I’m one of those people. But I was given a second chance ― not only to save myself but to redeem society for the wrong choices I made."


"It’s my fault that you never got out of that life. I know you did it to help me," Big Jim Keene told his son. “But some day, I’m going to find a way to help you get everything back.”  


If they found the body, then there would be no doubt about Hall’s guilt. “If you don’t get us the location of that body,” prosecutor Lawrence Beaumont told him, “you don’t get released. No body, no release.”

There was an eerie silence before Larry Hall spoke. “Sometimes,” he told Gary Miller, his eyes still downcast, “I dream about killing women. But I think it’s just a dream.”


After hearing details about the disappearance of Jessica Roach, an FBI profiler concluded, "She's a runaway." Miller could only scoff. "This gal in no way had the desire or street smarts to take off on her own."

Deputy sheriff Gary Miller is still amazed at how he touched off such a massive nationwide investigation. He is even more amazed at where it all led. “A lot of people ended up believing I was the crazy one.”

Anguished police officers, firemen and volunteers searched for Tricia Reitler as though she were their daughter or sister. A literally iconic poster, with her smiling face inside a cross, read, "Please pray."

For Donna and Garry Reitler, closure meant not only finding out what happened to Tricia, but also recovering her remains. As Donna explains, “I want some place to bring flowers.” 

Gary Hall may have played a much larger role in his twin's pathology than he ever thought or intended. When Gary moved out of the family household, one therapist says, "Larry just felt utterly abandoned."

Judge Diane Wood concluded: “A jury with all the evidence before it might have convicted, but it might have concluded that [Larry] Hall was a ‘wanna-be,’ and that the true kidnapper-murderer is still at large.”

The “Oddfather,” Vincent Gigante, started poking Keene in the chest. “Lemme ask you a question,” he said in a high-pitched nasal voice. “You want somebody should put a knife in your back?”