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Why Serial Killers Go Undetected

The public remains deeply fascinated by serial killers, which accounts for the success of the Dexter TV series and such movies as Psycho and Silence of the Lambs. But surprisingly, most police know very little about serial killers.

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How Evidence Was Destroyed

Amazingly, evidence that was seized from Larry Hall's vans was returned to his family by the FBI after his conviction. It included articles of women's clothing that could identify victims with today's DNA technology, but most of it was destroyed by Hall's father.

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James Keene 
James "Jimmy" Keene was born and raised in Kankakee, Illinois, the son of James and Lynn Keene. Besides working on a book and movie about his life, he is also involved in producing, writing and consulting for other film and book projects. He currently divides his time between Kankakee, Chicago and Los Angeles.


Hillel Levin 
Hillel Levin has been a staff writer and investigative reporter for several publications, including The Nation, New YorkMonthly DetroitMetropolitan Detroit and PlayboyHe was executive editor for Metropolitan Detroit and editor for Chicago magazine. He is also the author of Grand Delusions: The Cosmic Career of John Z. DeLorean (Viking, 1984) and When Corruption Was King (Carroll & Graf, 2004). He currently lives with his family in the Chicago area.

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